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Search engine Marketing, Website Promotion - optimization, positioning, and ranking services with Search Innovation. We offer low-cost Internet Marketing and Promotion services for small businesses.

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What's The Deal With Search Engines And Text Link Ads?
According to recent blog and forum posts, a link isn't always a link

Search Engine Algorithm Quandaries
Before you make drastic changes to your website after a rocky search engine update, take a minute to see what is really going on

Link Building-The Waiting Game
It takes time for search engine robots to find new links and index the pages they are linked to

Getting Specific With Local Search Engine Optimization
Including local information in your web pages helps prospective customers find local busnesses they are searching for

One Way Link Building Secures Long Term Ranking Results
One-way link building is a great way to improve your link popularity and ranking in the search engines

SEO Meets Website Architecture
Good website design can lead to higher search engine ranking

SEM - Research Measures Success
Search engine marketing success comes from good research

Search Engine Wars - Innovate To Survive in 2004
Explore ways to avoid being the victim of the next big search engine shake-up

Buzzwords vs Effective SEO Keywords
Relying on buzzwords may not be the best way to gain traffic

Organic SEO: Patience For Long Term Ranking Results
It takes time for optimization results to produce targeted traffic to your website

Finding Targeted Keyword Phrases Your Competitors Miss
Finding keyword phrases your competition is missing is easier than you might think

Optimizing Dynamic Pages (Part II)
Solutions to problems with dynamic pages being listed in search engines

Optimizing Dynamic Pages (Part I)
Dynamic pages pose special challenges for getting listed in search engines

Link Building That Makes Sense - Building Link Popularity Naturally
Logical thinking is needed to achieve link popularity in a natural way

The Myth of Guaranteed #1 Ranking in Search Engine Marketing
Find out why nobody can guarantee you #1 ranking in the search engines

Search Engine Robots - How They Work, What They Do (Part II)
Learn how to get more out of search engine robot visits

Search Engine Robots - How They Work, What They Do (Part I)
Learn about search engine robots and how they work

Sitemaps and Hypertext Links: "Food" for Search Engine Robots
Sitemaps and hypertext links help search engine robots reach your website's deeper pages

Building Link Popularity with Topical Articles
Include articles on your site to increase search engine ranking

Good Content: The Key To Search Engine Ranking
Good content brings visitors to your site

Every Search Engine Robot Needs Validation
Validate the HTML in your pages before submitting them

Low-Cost Website Promotion For Small Businesses
Tips for low-cost promotion of your website

Increasing Profits For Small Businesses Through Search Engine Marketing
Use search engine marketing to increase your profits

Getting Honest with the Search Engines
Using ethical methods to promote search engine ranking

Optimizing Frames for Search Engines
Tweak your framed site for easier search engine access

Optimizing Pages with JavaScript and Style Sheets for Search Engines

Optimizing complex pages for search engines

Search Innovation offers low-cost Search Engine Marketing and promotion services for small businesses

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